What is the ECU Processing Task?

The ECU Processing Task is the task for processing of the file or multiple files for one vehicle.

What is the file verification process?

The service verifies the file immediately after uploading. Verification is a complex process when the system analyzes the file and determines whether it is possible to process the file. If the file is validated successfully then the client can process it.

What to do if validation was completed with error?

The client can check and change the information about vehicle and click on the Check Again button. After that the service verifies the file again.

What is the file processing process?

Service makes changes to the files during processing. The client can choose the necessary actions, enter a list of DTC-codes that you want to delete.

What is the completing of the task?

The client should complete the task when required actions were completed. When the task completes, the client can only delete DTC-codes.

Do I need to delete DTC-codes while disabling the DPF or something else?

When the client disables the DPF then the system automatically removes the DTC that are associated with DPF. But if necessary, the clien can delete any other DTC or only DTC. The client can remove the DTC-codes at any time including after completing of the task.